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Growth in Faith

Video resources for Growing in Faith Bags

Growing in Faith

Bag #11 - Jesus Grows Our Faith

Message - Jesus Grows Our Faith
Song - Shrink Song

Bag #10 - Jesus is Our Treasure

Bag #9 - Jesus Shines in Me

Song - Father, I Adore You
Lesson - Jesus Shines in Me

Bag #8 - People Believe in Jesus

Song - This Little Gospel Light of Mine
Message - People Believe in Jesus

Bag #7 - Breakfast on the Beach

Song - Big House Chorus
Message - Breakfast on the Beach

Bag #6 - Walking With Jesus

Song - Praise Him, Praise Him
Lesson - Walking with Jesus

Bag #5 - Jesus is Alive

Song - Jesus Loves Me
Lesson - Jesus is Alive!

Bag #4 - Parade for Jesus

Song - Ho-Ho-Hosanna
Lesson - Parade for Jesus

Bag #3 - Little Children

Jesus Loves The Little Children Song
Jesus Blesses the Little Children Message

Bag #2 - The Lost Son

The Lost Son
God Loves Me Dearly

Bag #1 - The Lost Sheep

Lost Sheep Message
Lost Sheep - The Sheep Song